Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby Tuesday

We just got back from the Boardwalk (sorry again Jim and Sue since I guess my email went to lala land and didn't tell you we were going there tonight!).
I am in need of some TUMS after the hot dog, the funnel cake and the big Pepsi. I guess I'm lucky I didn't barf like Kid S did after her carnival food. But of course, I stayed off the rides. That helped. The kids had so much fun, the Boardwalk was never so joyous as it was with the 2 and 3 yr olds. So- fun!

I'm super tired, but I thought I'd post just a few and then later put all of them on Flickr. Because I took A TON of photos.

Childrens Discovery Museum visit. We now have a membership, we're in deep.
Somehow we missed this "self-face-paint" room on our previous visits. It's a really cute idea. Kid C was very delicate with her face design but he was very heavy handed on his nose. And there was no talking him into another idea.

This was the result: war paint.

This is one of the cutest things Kid C has done ever. Curious George in the fur was at the museum to mingle with the kids. Kid C went straight up to him and gave him this huge hug(!)

Who knew she had it in her?!

And then smiled so cutely for the camera. Such a good girl.

Me and the tots in the water zone. Love that zone.

Now fast forward a few days to Tahoe with the Everetts!!!

Baby B turned one year old on Friday!! We had a party for her at the lake and so all her dad's family was there to have a party-- as well as us Thayers too.

I got that cute little cake from Safeway (score on a decent cake!) and the cousins wore their matching jumpers. From behind, it was hard to tell them apart. And some strangers thought they were twins.

This is the kids on the ride up to the lake, watching Little Mermaid. Thanks to Nat for regulating the wandering fingers of a certain 2 yr old on the laptop. And thanks to the laptop for existing. Love this laptop.

These balloons barely made it to the park in time for the party before being annihilated.

I think he must have seen a plane or a helicopter in the distance. That's the look of love in his eyes.

Kid C in the murky first few feet of the shore at the lake. She was so well behaved all vacation. I can't sing her praises enough. This makes up for all that colick, really. She has been great.

I think Kid C is doing less of a smile, and more of a "game face" here. Like she's saying "this party is ON!"

There are traces of green icing on her mouth, if you look closely.

And here's someone who's not happy-- with me anyway. Here are the cousins in their carseats on the way to camping at KOA Santa Cruz. I have lots more pics from that excursion, but I'll have to save them until next week. I'm too sleeeeppppy....


Mom said...

I just adore Cricket sharing the love with Curious George. You can really feel it by looking at the picture. Who knew there was a love-bug hiding inside?

ro said...

Ooohhh I want the museum and the zoo and all the goods. Darn it why can't i like there? But, I digress.... the last pic sums up the last few days of Scout and C. C-rizzle couldn't have enough fun and my S was just limping by on energy fumes with major and minor breakdowns during the day.

ro said...

thanks for the cake and balloons and help and i love you

Tracy said...

I remember the self-face painting room from when I was young. I used to always try to paint myself freckles, because I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking, but instead I always made it look like I had measles.