Sunday, August 08, 2010

6 years and the dawn of a new era

Yesterday Kevin and I celebrated 6 years of marriage. Hurrah!

We ate dinner at a Chinese food place in Japantown in SF (I know I know, long story) and then we drove over to North Beach to watch Dirty Harry in Washington Park. It was part of the Rolling Roadshow which goes around the US showing movies out on locations where they were filmed. And since the "Scorpio killer" tried twice in the movie to shoot people in Washinton Park, that's where they showed it. I'm glad put anniversary fell on the day it was going on, or else I wouldn't have been able to convince Kevin to go.

We stayed overnight at the Post Hotel/Hostel near Union Square. I thought by clicking "king room" that meant a private bath, but that turns out not to be the case(!) It was a Saturday night in Summer -- I was lucky to find a room at all (not in an hourly Tenderloin motel), so hey. Oh, and it was crazy-old too. Thank heaven for no quakes, that place would have crumbled I'm sure.

This morning we checked out and had crepes place next door (called Honey Honey) surrounded by tourists from all over the world. I thought the cashier would be pleased to find out I spoke perfect English, but turns out she was unimpressed.

Today I realized that Kid C starting kindergarten in a week means that I'm back to the morning structure. I can't make decisions like "will I workout or make waffles or run to a dr appt this morning before work/preschool?" I must be normal again 5 days a week at least until 3pm when I pick them up. And it also means my workouts will be my lunch break instead of in the wee hours and I'm actually joining a gym (a little podunk one.)

Also new to our lives are the bees in our new hive and the fish in our new pond. Going outside is more interesting now. And chickens are coming at some point, probably early next year. We may have found the pond-form in somones trash pile and offloaded the bees off a young granola from Berkley liquidating his stuff for travel money, but chicken hutches are a different matter entirely.


Laura Seymour said...

you continue to be the awesome.

congrats to you and kevin. we just celebrate the big 6 too (i think our anniversaries are just a few days apart?).

love the pond, bees, and chickens. post pictures soon!

ro said...

nothing like a trash pond. i'm proud.