Saturday, April 23, 2011

I just submitted this to another blog

I just submitted this quick post to one of my favorite blogs.


Around 18 mo's old, my first kid climbed on the toilet paper holder (like an indoor climbing wall) and broke it.
So my husband fixed it.
And she broke it again.
Repeat, repeat until we just gave up on having a tp holder and just put the roll on floor like a gas station restroom.
Recently, I thought I found a solution to the problem and stuck those 3M hooks onto the wall and tied a ribbon through them to hold the roll.
Then this morning, I walked in and saw this:


*note 1: It's now been 5 years since we had a real TP holder
**note 2: The kids have their own bathroom down the hall, in which the tp holder is completely intact and unbroken.

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ro said...

hate your pain, feel your pain, but i still like that you can laugh at it and make me laugh at it.

also, that website is super funny and i'm glad you told me about it. i hope they take your submission. keep us posted.