Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vacay Indecision 2011

In a couple of weeks we have a 4 day weekend, both kids, both adults.

No, not Memorial weekend, the weekend after, it's not important, I digress...

First thought: Hit the road go stay somewhere!

Second thought: Wait, it's Summer now, and that means lodging rates are high.

Third thought: Crap.

I explored everything from KOA Kottages to hostels this evening, and it's pretty much $100/night unless a tent is involved.
And no tents will ever be involved, unless I'm hiding to save my life, or I am homeless!

I looked at just doing day trips, but to go to Great America or even Gilroy Gardens as a family is $200 (crazytown) not counting parking or food. The Boardwalk, easily $100 for the day, Zoo's $50+, and even the Newark splashy pool place is $40, and you have to endure Newark.

This is when I just had one of those "so-and-so has a cabin in such-and-such place, they never use it.
But we don't "know people" that "have nice stuff."
Not happenin.'

Someone was telling me how their family used to car-camp (instead of tent camp). They would fold down the seats or something in their van or wagon and sleep in there...oh but wait, there are 4 of us, that's insane, no.

I might as well just get a yurt.---No, I just looked up yurt rates across the state, those are $$$ too! Dangit!

The alternative obviously is that we don't go anywhere. We just treat it like a double weekend in which laundry and dishes are shuffled around and somebody spills something every 3 hours and I step on action figures and feed the pets.
Boo hiss, that's not fun. It's summer and I'm getting grey hairs, I wanna go somewhere.

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ro said...

get this all out of your system now cause we are going to tear it up when i get there...no indecision...no laundry....just raw fun