Wednesday, August 17, 2011

actually that's the opposite of good

I was considering cutting off all my hair, mostly because I'm restless and in need of even more change.

I google image searched "short hairstyle fine hair"
(oh and how I wish "fine" meant super-fly, not infant wispy)

And this came up: That is precisely the look I'd like to avoid, thank you very much. I think the only worse interpretation "short fine hairstyle" is bald!

Then I added the search term "dark" to the image search and up came this:

She's gonna show up in my nightmares for sure; if that in fact is a human and not some demi-human character from a teenage vampire saga. Zoinks!

So I removed the word "hairstyle" and I got this:

Everyone knows, the terrier look went out of vogue at least 10 years ago, completely unflattering.

So maybe I don't want to cut it anymore...

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Laura Seymour said...

oh, how i have missed your blog.