Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kids in May

Yes, it's become clear that blogging, well quality blogging, just doesn't happen like it used to.

Mostly because the kids eat more food these days.
Explanation: they eat more food, which requires 1) more food prep 2) more kitchen cleaning 3)more visits to the store 4)more food spilled on their clothes = more laundry 5) more food spilled on other things that has to be scrubbed out.
And they don't nap on my time, naps are at preschool

My role to them at this point is punching bag and scullery maid. It was easier to be a biographer to them before consumption skyrocketed.

Kid C is registered for kindergarten in the fall which is exciting, mostly because it's free. I know that's against mommy politics to say that, but boy howdy, am I glad to only have to pay for one preschool tuition and then we can all have afternoons off to go to the zoo or beach again.
4 months away!

I even got the opportunity to design a t shirt for this year's elementary graduation, and in return they're printing some extras in Kid C's and Kid R's size. So when they come to "orientation" they'll be wearin' the cool kid shirts.

However, lately- I have a hard time keeping any clothes on these kids. I'm sure it comes from my side of the family, but is it so much to ask that the children at least have pants on?
Just pants, c'mon.

He snuck out into the backyard earlier today in just his pull-up playing with his trucks in the dirt.

He was using his pinchy-tools to pick up [and probably crush] bugs.

Here, Kid R wins out, at least he has a shirt on. They're both eating their cereal pants-less, just how they prefer it.

Kid R's mullet was gettin' a little long, so we decided he needed a hair cut!
(still no clothes!)

okay, so that wasn't his real mullet, but it was shaggy, so he got a haircut from a kids-salon.
He chose the hot-rod hair-chair. Nice choice.

And this is the video of the hot rod hair cut.

Kid C got her own grooming on Mothers Day with me at the nail salon. She's been looking forward to it for the last 365 days since last Mothers Day when we did the same thing.
All during the year when we would drive by the nail place, she would say "Mom, how long until Mothers Day?"
I have to admit, her nails looked pretty darn good. Flower/rhinestone detail on both fingers and toes. Hopefully that'll last her another year.

We visited the newly renovated Happy Hollow Park a few weeks ago. And think I said before how I wasn't that thrilled with it. I seem to be the only one in that mindset. SF Zoo passes instead, way better IMO. But I did take this pic of Kid R (making a weird face) next to the life-size golden capybara statue-- wearing a pillbox hat and pearls(!!)

I wanted to get that other girl out of the way so I could get a pic of the kids ontop of it. But what I think the artist didn't anticipate about a large metal rodent in the hot sun surrounded by concrete, is that the art doubles as a blazing skillet.

Ah, the McD's playland. Like an old friend that you don't really like, but s/he is so helpful, you keep going back.

Before Kevin and I left for our fabulous Mormon-country adventure, we took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. It was so nice to have Kevin there to "man" Kid R so I could peacefully tail Kid C.

I don't know why I like this pic exactly, but I do.

I didn't manage a pic of the little mister in the monster truck but I did get this unlikely driver as she was struggling out.


ro said...

that mullet pic is great!! keeper for the senior year book.
lol on the capybara!
can't wait to see you all.

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