Saturday, May 29, 2010

"will it blend?!"

Tonight I created a little floorplan for that I'd like to add on to our house.
How much this costs, I have no idea. Probably more than we can afford.
But I'm a future-thinker, so I made it anyway.

All I know is that I really love our house, but it has three problems:

1. no guest room
2. no place to work from home
3. tiny living room which is hard for parties

So I propose that we add onto the front and take or entire house out to the garage door line, since we have a big front yard, and the backyard is Kevin's orchard and pretty small to begin with.

I think I did a pretty good job of solving all 3 problems with a 25' x 25' space. Let's see what Kevin thinks...


Copper said...

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ro said...

yeah, i'm thinking you're "spot on" too. and...delete "Copper" ..
so anyway...
I love it. Good luck. And, I need one done on the back of my house! You keep on blazing trails.