Saturday, June 05, 2010

instead of a college fund, I'm going to make a "bail bond" fund

Baby R has a serious hitting problem. It drives me crazy. More crazy than the fact that he still poops in his diaper and lies about it.

He can't even hug without hitting.
He's like a puppy that is so cute and wants to play but still bites the hell out of your fingers and ankles.

I've tried spanking back, but that doesn't work. He just wants to hit me back harder.
I've even tried spraying him with water from a spray bottle, like how you train a dog. But that just makes him want to hit harder too.
If only handcuffs weren't frowned upon, they really would be a good solution.


SaraMarie said... says Mesa, AZ. Was he not carrying his papers?

Mama Bree said...

Amen sista!

Copper said...

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Heidi-Marie said...

So funny (I mean not funny when you're the mom, but funny the way you write about it)... I can't remember, do you sew? If so, you need to make him some little striped pjs like the convict suits in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?