Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Norway and the Black Hole

On the 7 minute drive home from work today, Kid C insisted that I explain in great detail both The Scream by Edvard Munch and the Oakland Raiders.

Neither was very easy to explain to a 5 yr old.
It all started when she saw a rendition of the famous painting in colored chalk (the figure sporting a TJ Hawaiian shirt) in an advertisement outside the store by the melons and charcoal briquettes.
I had to wikipedia the meaning of The Scream on my phone to be able to give her his motivation for the painting. (his motivation was "why" number four in the endless chain of "why"s.) Even after I explained all that I could, she still was unsatisfied.

The mystery of the Oakland Raiders started with a decal on a camper shell on a mid 90's domestic truck stopped in front of us at the 280 underpass. "Look a pirate!" and then C noticed that it was wearing a football helmet, and it was downhill from there. What "raids" are and why a football team would want to be associated with stealing and scaring people. Complex topics in the backseat.

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