Friday, September 03, 2010

working from starbucks

observations made while working from Starbucks on the posher side of Sockswithsandalsland:

-sitting next to someone who is also working on a laptop, feels alot like sitting next to someone on an airplane. Both persons internally agree to ignore each other in the politest way possible.

-when you sit by the door in an upholstered chair, you immediately get the butt-view of every person that walks in. unsettling.

-there is a limit to how much reggae my brain can process. This might be the most consecutive reggae songs I have ever experienced.

-I can easily see why people make irritated faces at me when I bring my preschoolers in here. I mean, the "mommy tone" one has to use with kids is totally annoying. Oh well.

-the barista did not find me charming when I was on my iphone and didn't realize I was next in line, even though I throughly self-deprecated. She was flatly unamused and I reckon, probably wishing I was a handsome single business man.

-I'm not sure who the appropriate person is to sing along to the song "No Diggity" but I do know that if you're wearing brown office slacks, it's not you.

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