Wednesday, December 15, 2010

outdated churches, hide your ficus trees!

I just finished this re-face proposal for a church in the area.

15 mock-ups, a new record for me.

This is my 4th church re-face proposal I've made, so I guess I need to add a tab to my website so I can show the before's and after's.

Speaking of after's, they're not in the Flickr set, but I'll post just one and you'll get the idea of what it looks like right now.
Yep, there it is. So now go back to the Flickr set and go "ahhhh" :)

Just like the other 3 churches, I don't know if they'll actually do what's in the proposal. Here's hopin.'

(it's 2:30am, do you see that on my timestamp? arg.)

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Laura Seymour said...

as usual, i love it. we went to that church i was telling you about, er, a few years ago, last week. a few things i noticed that were just really simple: a nursing room for moms, red leather couches, and drama club style work in the sanctuary. since music is one of the main foci, with a lot of people participating, this worked well. i don't know if it was just for christmas or not.