Tuesday, December 13, 2011

stranger judging

I don't really follow celebrity news for two reasons:

1) It would annoy me if I were a celebrity to have sleazy people taking photos and writing cheap stories about me whenever I bought toilet paper or ate a fro-yo.
2) I don't know who most of the "celebrities" are.

I do however have a blog crush on the Go Fug blog because they're so rofl funny, even if I have no idea who the person is in the critiqued photo. And because of that readership I came across this couple comparison which I don't understand:

Yes. This couple makes sense. If I saw them at a restaurant, I would first, feel really ugly fat and gross, and second think "that's nice, they're both very pretty, good for them," and go back to eating my pulled pork sandwich.

But this, no.
This doesn't make sense. I mean, just her outfit alone, even if he wasn't standing next to her, doesn't make sense.
She's uh...and he's much more...right?
I don't want to insult ordinary looking women. I myself am quite ordinary. Lower ordinary even. And yes, she has a celery sticks & pilates body. And yes, she can sing like a canary. She might even be a natural blonde. But the equation does not compute.
If I saw these two in a restaurant I would just keep looking at them and think "his cousin? his real estate agent?" and then there would be that uncomfortable eye contact, and eventually I would conclude "well good for her."

I'm not going to get all specific on who these people are, but after googling, I gathered that basically the guy ditched the incredibly pretty mother of his two sons (in the first photo) to "take his company in a different direction."

People confuse me. And this whole blog post has helped me kill time so that I don't have to do important things.

champion armchair judge and jury of total strangers on the internet

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AdventurousCarrie said...

I agree about the whole celebrity gossip thing... I always feel a guilty twinge when I'm standing in line at the grocery store and I can't help reading all of that salacious gossip on the cover of the tabloids.

But as for the couple in the pictures, it does make me think about all of the male movie stars that are not quite at the same attractiveness level as their paramours. I mean, just look at Nicholas Cage and just about anyone he's dated.