Saturday, December 17, 2011


After realizing that sleeping in wasn't happening (because at dawn the kids were screaming and flopping on the bunk beds butted right against our headboard wall), I decided to use our over-sized bathtub for the first time in 6 months. Like an aquatic version of sleeping in.
It takes a while to fill up, so you have to kinda' plan the bath and have some time carved out.
I filled it up, and even dug up the sea mineral mask I had paid way too much for and slathered that on.
I opened the door and let one chihuahua out of the bathroom, while the other (read: fatter and older) chihuahua stayed perfectly still in his self rolled blanket burrito.
The tub was finally full. Enough doors have been closed and locked between the kids and I that I can no longer hear them.
A peaceful ten minutes passed.

**wretch! wretch! --hurl---**

My dog barfed up what looked to be a good portion of the compost pile (no doubt from last nights black op).

**wretch! wretch! --hurl---**

Still barfing. Oh and now cleaning it up by himself, great. I don't know which sound is more repulsive.

That dog spends 80% of his day sleeping in his bed. But he waited for the rare opportunity when I was there with him to share his special trick with me.


The offender, who was too nervous/ill to hold still.


Megan said...

thank you for making me laugh and not feel so alone in the world when I have similar days!

AdventurousCarrie said...

oh, so very gross. Did I ever tell you that your sister's dog did that in front of me one time in high school? I could never pet him again... ugh. so gross