Saturday, March 13, 2010

Baby Tuesday on Saturday

One pic and one video this week.

I didn't get any decent pics at the fairy birthday party Kid C attended last weekend, but of course the birthday girl's mom did and she blogs, so she did all the work for me.

Kid R got his mega tool set from GiGi for his birthday and he goes around "fixing" everything. Especially the table and chairs. I'm cool with wooden things being "fixed," just as long as he doesn't want to repair my laptop (!)

Oh no, gross, I zoomed in on this pic, and his face is all crusty from whatever he ate before I took the photo. Eewww!

I finally loaded the Valentines Day party that the kids had with their friends onto YouTube:


Heidi-Marie said...

Followed the link to the other mom's blog and I loved the last picture (fairy picnic). I LOVE how C. is up flitting around while the other girls are huddled. You just can't keep a good fairy down!

PS: We'll be in the Bay Area next week for spring break!

Samantha P.M. said...

every time you get sad, you should watch Kid C shake it to Jungle Boogie....omg....LOVE IT