Thursday, March 04, 2010

Baby Tuesday on Thursday

This installment brought to you by Ponyo (the kids are entranced in the other room). It also allowed me to get some last tax documents in order.

Kid R's birthday was actually on Monday, but we had the party on Tuesday in the middle of the day and I let the kids skip school that day and I took off of work.

My favorite pic of him.
I took it right after I put his birthday shirt on him.
Look at that face. So loveable. --Even though he tried to take his cake apart, his pinata apart, and opened up TWO of his gifts when I had my back turned! (he snuck them back into Kid C's room and they conspired against me!)

Post gift opening chaos. All the little boys were busy with his new trucks and showing him how they work.

Overwhelmed? That's a crazy expression.


Of course his sister wanted to be all up in his business and "helping" with the gifts.
I needed a fly swatter to keep her back.


Here are some videos of him opening gifts. Kinda funny.

This is him meddling in the gifts. Much meddling.

Here's Kid R's BFF from school Kid T. And Kid C was his cake-lunch date at the counter.

Here is his fancy Umi Zoomi cake and corresponding cupcakes made by Rachael.

At the end of the party all the kids lined themselves up on the couch to watch Nick Jr. So cute.

And Mojito was there to catch every crumb.

Grandma made a big chocolate cherry cake for him the night before. needless to say, he's had his cake quota for the month.

Thanks Nonnie and Gramps (his great grandmother and grandfather) for the trucks!

On Monday night we gave him all his family's gifts, Kevin's parents, my family's and the ones from Kevin and me.

And here he is opening my mom's gift to him.

He LOVES it. Really really really loves it.

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Anonymous said...

I love that I got to "see" him open his present! We make a good team Charlie. I hope he has lots of fun building things around the house. It's all about the tools!!!