Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Tuesday on Wednesday

Yeah I totally skipped last week. I was planning on doing it, and then things fell apart, so there's a blip in the baby matrix. I had thought that I would dedicate this week's BT to my dad, but it's still kinda hard seeing photos of him right now, so I'll wait on that.

I foolishly took the kids out to dinner a couple of weeks ago with some of our friends, but without Kevin. Kid C was fine, as usual, but Kid R was a FREAK! I had completely forgotten that he didn't take a nap that day.
Both my kids really like Kid K. Really really like her. They insisted on flanking her while she ate, and totally bumped out the other little girl.

Kid E, to the right of Kid C was a sweetheart about the whole thing. Her mom insists that she has a rotten side, but I've never seen it. She's a little angel in my book.

I dug up some of my phone pics from the fairy party. This was on the treasure hunt. Kid C was super motivated and made off like a bandit.

Fairy picnic.

Kid R pulls this coming-out-after-bedtime deal every few days. And he knows if it's just me in the living room, and he makes a really cute face and quietly plays with his toys, he can stay up.
He gets greedy eventually and begs to watch cartoons and that gets him sent back to bed, fer' sure. I took this pic when I was too tired to do anything about him, and he sat and watched TV with me.

I persuaded my "dink" friends to come with me to the farmers market with me and my loose cannons-- well just one loose cannon, the boy. They were good sports, and I'm sure the entire experience was yet another reason they will reference whenever the subject of "should we have kids?" comes up.
The farmers market also sells seafood, who knew?
If I hadn't had them with me, I would have considered buying a crab, but since it was hard enough just to buy and carry around the strawberries with them with me, I let remain a sideshow attraction.

I bet Matt said something scary to them about the crabs and probably gave 'em bad dreams (jk).

Then we tagged along on an errand Kristen had in Los Gatos and we hit Powells Sweet Shop.

Lindsey gave Kid R this dinosaur painting kit for his birthday and he was so excited about it. He kept waking up at night asking if he could paint dinosaurs (before we let him open it) so I was glad when he finally got it out of his system.

We have a serious dandelion invasion in our yard. If I didn't consider anyone else's opinion, I actually like dandelions, they're cute flowers and they make those fun fuzzy parachutes.
Kid C, pictured here with them obviously agrees.
But I feel pressure as a suburban home owner that we shouldn't have dandelions, because it implies that we're sloppy. Which we totally are.
So we reward the kids for picking them.

And Franklin isn't really our kid, but he kinda is. And he does funny stuff like this:

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