Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Baby Tuesday

I'm super tired tonight. Excuse my brevity.

These are in reverse chronilogical order. We begin on Saturday evening. We paid a visit to "Crazy Uncle Brad" up in his bachelor pad in the city (after we partied at the concert). Bachelor = breakables and dangers, but they didn't seem to notice anything different.

This is classic. They were jittering around like caffeinated honeybees. Stairs, they get excited about stairs.

Baby R peering out to the awesome view out his bedroom window down upon beautiful San Francisco.

Djembe drum was under attack big time. Adult conversation? Very difficult with this going on.

Um, I have nothing clever to say here.

And again with the drumming. I will go deaf because of these kids, mark my words.

Heart-melter! Kevin held Kid C for a little bit while we listened to Old 97's at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass music festival @ Golden Gate Park. Best part: it was totally free, even parking. Glorious. Very good day.

Thankfully we found some open space so they/we could run around. Otherwise, it could have gotten complicated.

Hipster family, part of 4! ;D That Baby R, he just wanted to watch the band. Photos shmotos, I'm checking out my namesake.

That line of people behind us was incredibly long and slow moving. It belonged to the food cart. I was so glad we ate on the drive up. Whew!

It felt a little Woodstock-esc. But way less insane. There were plenty of dogs and kids (but also smoke and miscreants).

Kid C told me she wanted to go back to see the seals. She meant the elephant seals that live at Ano Nuevo. I vowed not to go back there for a very long time. But then I remembered that sealions hang out at the wharf in Santa Cruz. I couldn't gurantee it, but I told the kids that's what we were headed-- sea lion ville. Thank goodness the sealions were there, or I would have had serious problems. They were so unbelievably charming and cute.

You could bascially walk down those stairs and wallow with them if one were so inclined. Some people walked down and got pretty dang close. Like inches away. But they yelled out how stinky they were, ha.
I didn't want to fish any kids out of the Pacific or do first aid on a sea lion bite, so we stayed a decent distance away. Worth the drive for sure. It ended in a tantrum like most trips, but hey I can't win 'em all.

Random video of pre-ballet class time killing. I learned my lesson this day and did not repeat the 45 min earliness to class, despite that her preschool class gets out then only a few doors down. Baby R lost his everlovin' mind.


ro said...

LOL on the video. You're like SeaLions and Ballet...that goes together right...blog it. But, yeah, like my text said...totally jealous that you were at such a cool music festival at GOLDEN GATE PARK. Man!

Mom said...

Every picture and description was greatness. Good times for all!!