Saturday, October 03, 2009

Freeze punks! Drop the gloss! Beauty Control** officer!

I spent last weekend with some friends, one of which is in the beauty business and she motivated me to change my make-up.
I'll be honest, my usual opinion on the cosmetics industry is that it's all the same and kinda weird how much women spend on it. I feel more strongly that skin care stuff is mostly snake-oil because it has never mattered what I did to my skin, it just is what it is. Period*

But Stephanie, I trust her. Mostly because she wasn't trying to sell me anything. Unbiased, if you will. And over the weekend she had to look at my mug more than I did. Sat night she did my make-up with the stuff out of her bag and I had to admit, I looked a helluva lot better.

So my prescription was: eyelash curler (which I have always feared like a torture device!), hazel-eye-specific mascara, mineral powder for my face, bronze colored eyeshadow, and brushable eyeliner.

I got to work and found some MaryKay stuff on eBay and the rest I got at Target. Funny story at Target:
I didn't realize that they had brand-specific consultants in the make-up aisles. But there was a woman there from Boots, a British company. Me, being of English heritage thought "perfect, they will understand me." However, this turned out not to be the case! The lightest shade of powder they make, was still too dark on my skin! Am I that pale? Reality check, I guess.
But no matter, white is beautiful. I went to the next aisle and bought Neutrogena instead.

I consider this part of my self-improvement-before-30-project. Losing 11 lbs so far, and the braces should come off within a few months. My make-up bag needed rennovating too.

*The one product that ever did anything different was so outrageously expensive that I cannot use it. It really made a difference, but I can't justify that cost. If I added up the cost of it over a year, I might as well get a face lift.

**Stephanie is going to become a BeautiControl rep. And I have always thought that the name of that company was hilarious. Like it's the ATF or something-- if you're too ugly or too pretty, they come in, flash their badges and get to work.


Anonymous said...

Charlsa -- if I had started using all the stuff I use today at your age, I would have that skin I now keep striving for! Go for it... the Dermologica is expensive but you can find the same type dermabrasion stuff everywhere. In fact, I've used one from Mary Kay that I really liked and now I'm using one from AVON! Who would have thought? I've tried minerals but the one I like best is the really fine mineral "finisher" after liquid makeup.. it'll make your makeup stay on longer -- and yes, I'm using a cheap one from Avon -- along with their mineral blush! (My friend started selling it and if you'll research their products, their skin care products are pretty highly rated now. Just remember to use really good serum or moisturizer. Sandi and I love the Olay Regenerist -- it would help you keep the beautiful skin you have now! You go girl! (And don't forget your trademark lipstick! I love it!)


ro said...

nicely done. you can't go wrong splurging for facial love. and beauty control: Ryann sells that too. I'm familiar. I've been to a party :)