Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baby Tuesday on Wednesday

I tried really hard to post my Baby Tuesday from my new iPhone last night! I really tried, but forces aligned against me and I was unsuccessful. Boo.

But to celebrate the arrival of "snowball jr." my new iPhone, I will post all my iphone pics on this edition:

I took this photo of Kid C last night after she splashed permanent pink ink all over the dining room carpet, the hall carpet, the dining room table and herself.
I was mad.
You can see on her hands is the pink ink stains.
The only thing I managed to get the pink out of was the table, but I had to sacrifice the veneer a little bit to get it out.
Kids, they will make you crazy.

Ah, MoBo, always a crowd pleaser. See below for video of him in action.

Monday we had a different schedule so we went to go "watch" Kevin play in the eBay soccer tournament final. Baby R however just wanted to wander off. Kid C was pretty good for a while and then she got iPhone happy and then shortly after we had to call it a day and leave.

Kid C made this necklace for me out of Baby R's snowboot tag elastic and a Barbie purse. And then she insisted on taking a picture of it with my phone.

We had some friends over on Friday night and one friend brought her daughter Kid V along. I told Kid C she could stay up and play with her, and that's just what she did. Until midnight, they played and played and played. Here she is post-dress-up in her undies. All hopped up on marshmallows.

I accidentally dressed my son as a farm boy last week. I had to buy him snow boots because at Target, they don't sell "wellies" in October. And they sell rain boots in the spring, when we in California don't get rain anymore. Aren't there enough of us here that they can sell us some rain boots? And what about Florida? C'mon.

You will see that he's wearing heavy duty boots, Wranglers and a western shirt. All he needs is a little ATV and a mesh-back hat and I'd make him carry around a little cannister of Skoal in his back pocket to complete the ensemble.

This is the cute pout. It's blurry, but I think you can make out the cuteness.

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ro said...

I can't believe she spilled the pink paint. Ok, I can't believe it. I can't believe there was pink ink for her to spill. You crafters.

Love Ransom in his cowboy outfit. I need that in a photo shoot. I request a 5x7. thanks.

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