Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baby Tuesday on Wednesday

Okay, it happened again. I think this means truly I am too busy.

Will I stop? Not anytime soon.

Mostly in reverse order, as usual.

Kid B getting ready for her Halloween party, as a pirate by her pirate mommy.

Baby R and Kevin milling about as the party begins.

All the kids at the Halloween party watching the pinata action.

Cute little babies.

I'm not usually a let-me-hold-your-baby kind of girl. But Baby L was so gosh darn cute I had to hold her.

The pirate showing the princess the jump house.

The pirate and the princess again, they're a year apart, but look how tall Kid C is!

Pirate's booty! (okay, I know, narf.)

Give it hell, my little prince!

They had this sort of community pumpkin, er, thing downtown a couple of weeks ago. I mean, what else are we doing with two kids on a Saturday? Not much.

Kid C is stoked about her firefighter stickers, handed out by real firemen.

I love this outfit of hers. If she wanted to wear it everyday, I might just let her.

A couple of weeks ago, a neighbor's fence caught on fire, and you would have thought the whole block was burning down by the number of firefighters on the scene. Holy moley there were a TON! I woke up Baby R out of his nap so he could watch them (I don't remember where Kid C was, maybe at school?).

We walked out to the sidewalk and a firefighter, in his full ensemble came over and handed Baby R a firefighter badge sticker. He was so smitten, it was a top ten cute moment.

Orchard Valley Coffee is the alt-coffee house 'round these parts. The free wi-fi and multitude of seating makes it super popular with pretty much everybody. It's not that stylish, and it's not that tasty, but wifi and seating, that's all we want apparently.

We sat and drank some chocolate milk before the used bookstore opened. They were, of course, spaz-tastic from all that sugar and chocolate afterwards. And there was slight mayhem in the bookstore when we finally got in there. Oh well, we traded some books and called it even.


ro said...

Super Cute Niece and Nephew at the coffee house!

ro said...

and i love that C said i love you ;)