Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Tuesday on Thursday

Less than a week until Baby R's birthday. I can feel the buzz in the air, almost like Christmas.
I must admit, that it's much nicer planning his birthday.

He's so simple. He wants his friends over, and he wants cake, and he wants presents.

He doesn't care about a theme.

And when we went to his friend's birthday party last week at Chuck E. Cheese, he didn't ask for the same treatment. Even when Cricket pestered him, and *told him* to want his birthday there, he was indifferent about it.

Here's the soon-to-be-3 yr old playing middle-east-kidnap (j/k) with Stephanie's headband.

We went to a park one morning and Kid C got it into her head that she was going to have a picnic at the park. So she got a plastic bag and loaded it up with items and got a marker and wrote her name on it and set it by the door, all on her own.
She made SURE that I picked up the bag and brought it with us.
When we got to the park , she got her bag and opened it up and brought out this blanket and a pair of slippers. She asked me to help her spread it out and she sat on it, took off her shoes and put on her slippers and began eating her snacks.

Here in Sockswithsandalsland, there aren't many gimmicky chain restaurants. Being from Dallas, I love gimmicky restaurants, and I seek them out whenever possible (like the just put in a Wing Stop, holla!).
Armadillo Willy's tries to pawn itself off as "Real Texas BBQ."
Now, I know what TX BBQ tastes like, and it is not even close. Seriously.
But, they have a great "look" and they're nearby and I like them anyway. The way I might like a place in China for trying to serve me a cheeseburger and french fries, even if they smell a bit like fish sauce and bok choy.
I took these photos the last time we were there as a family, and the kids scarfed down their corndogs like they hadn't eaten for days.

...the boy is up...I gotta go tend...


Jenn said...

"Being from Dallas, I love gimmicky restaurants" ... cracked me up. What's with that? One of the first things I noticed in Houston (yeah, NOT that far from Dallas), was the difference in restaurants -- generally better, to be honest, but I gotta admit to craving Chili's once in a while.

ro said...

good stuff. love me some C with a picnic mission. Get her ready for flagstaff! She is my camping niece!

jenn. no-you-di-ent propose houston has better eateries than dallas. no m'am.