Thursday, April 01, 2010

Baby Tuesday on Thursday

**UPDATE** I'm saved! Jenn posted for me! Check it out

I still have 20 minutes of Thursday left, and I'm running on fumes, but if I don't do this now, it aint' happenin' this week.

Um and this will be the only pic this week. I'm simply just not going to get up and get the camera cord.

The kids have today and tomorrow off, which I didn't quite figure out until yesterday evening. Not the school's fault, totally my brain's fault.

Anyway, they went to their favorite hourly kid care this morning and I scrambled at work to cram as much "doing" at work as I could before I had to go get them. I know I shouldn't leave Kid R there when it's naptime, bad things happen.
In fact, I was late because of aforementioned scrambling and cramming, and when I arrived, Kid R had a fresh rugburn on his temple from some incident. Fatigue related, no doubt!

There was a need for driving to the shore this afternoon. Very real need. So we went, and they happily watched Oswald episodes on my iPhone in the backseat, and I drank in the mountains on the way over.

We stopped at the wharf. I got a mocha (which is how I am still awake right now) and the kids got ice cream from Marini's and hung around. Seagulls, check. Pigeons, check. Sealions, check.

(this was the one bench that wasn't windy or covered in seagull poop, score!)

Anecdote about sealions: Kid C and R really don't make stuff up. I think they do all the time, and then it ends up, they were telling the truth, I just didn't believe/understand them.
(Like the time that I lost the lid to the apple cider jug at the farmers market and Kid R said it was in his sippy cup. I said "no it's not" and then when I opened it up an hour later in the car, there it was, the lid to the cider inside the cup.)

That kind of thing happens all the time, and I kinda feel bad about it.

This afternoon as we drove on the wharf, I rolled down the windows and told the kids to hush and listen for sealions barking. They barely could stop talking for 2 seconds and then Kid C said "I heard one!" and I said "no you didn't that was just some lady laughing as we drove by her" and she insisted she had heard one. I didn't hear anything so I told them not to get their hopes up, and then parked the car down-a-ways.
And then, it turned out-- she was right. We came across 4 sealions that weren't in the usual perch. Barking. Then, I had to apologize.

-I gotta hit "publish" now before it's tomorrow in one minute!...


Freaky Freddies said...

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ro said...

you have some spam on here. anywho....your kids have such a great cream, the beach, you!
and, i like how you don't believe them. hahhaa

ro said...

and i looked at your friend's blog...tell her good job on the pics, and you guys look like you made child entertaining FUN. miss you.

Jenn said...

What? Sealions?!?! Am I such a clueless Texan? I thought those were only at Seaworld and the Zoo, and maybe Alaska. Cool, though.