Saturday, April 24, 2010

Baby Tuesday on Saturday

I was away from the kids for 4 days last week, but I still have plenty of pics and videos!

I've been trying to deter the kids from taking baths together lately, but 1/2 the time it still happens. It gets splashier and fightier when they're together.
Kid C said "Mom! look at me!" and lo, it was funny. She climbed into the bath toy basket.

Their friend Kid D had his 5th birthday and here are Kid R and Kid D's little brother, Kid J playing quietly inside while the party happened outside. It was super hero themed, and the best I could do was put Kid R in a Star Wars shirt. Kid J, however, was really prepared-- Buzz Lightyear deluxe costume!

The birthday boy's grandpa and uncle are both police officers, so there was no shortage of toy guns around. I subconsciously don't buy them for Kid R, so he was excited to be at the "gun show."

My friend Mike, Kid D's dad shows Kid R how it's done. And how to tag the kid in the lawn saying "hit me! hit me!"

Mr. Post-Shots Fatigue. He was so lovable, although I was sad he didn't feel good. It only lasted a couple of hours.

Today is splendidly free of places to be and things to do and it's the perfect California weather day, so after Kevin mowed the lawn, I decided to reclaim the Little Tykes playhouses that have been dormant all winter. I evicted all the spiders with my webber and put a carpet down and some other accoutrements.

And while I was gone, Kevin took this video of the kids squeeling with the dogs.

And this pic


ro said...

I'm SO jealous of your little tikes houses and the nice set ups too! Your kids live the life! I laughed with the miley cyrus playing...hahahahah. Fun stuff. Can't wait to see your fam in june.

megan g said...

Ok, so I love your "Try again" comment. I keep giggling about it.... especially since Kid C did a superb follow-up.