Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baby Tuesday on Sunday

I thought now that Easter is over, that I would have got Baby Tuesday up actually on Tuesday.

Not the case.

But luckily, I have these cute pics of Gilroy Gardens to show everyone!

Gil the Garlic epitomizes the charm of Gilroy Gardens. How funny is it that they make an entire theme park around the idea of produce?! Adorable.
And you should notice that Gil is short, like it's not a regular adult in that suit. It's either a kid or a person-of-short-stature -- either way, also adorable.
I was so glad that the kids went over and stood by him for a picture.
Their friends wanted nothing to do with the giant garlic man, and I can see their point.

This is Kid C and her BFF Kid A. Thanks to my friend, Jenn, Kid A's mom, we got into the park FOR FREE! Her mom and dad live in Gilroy and it was free-locals day, so we got in with them, and then they hit the road, ha. Huge thanks to them. The admission price to the agro-wonderland is steep, so I can't say thanks enough for that.
They have here, the biggest soft serve ice cream cones that I have ever seen, especially for a couple of Pre-K's.

Jenn took this pic of her one the flower boats. We had a nice view of the Artichoke Dip ride, which we rode afterward.

We had some snacky snacks and then the kids examined the map on the [probably filthy] floor to plan our route.

Train ride! I really wanted them to have seatbelts on this one.
Because I could see a hospital visit in my future: mixing a 3 yr old's excitement for trains and an actual train ride.

The little sir with his gigantic ice cream. Yeah, he didn't finish it. And he needed a entire wardrobe change afterwards. (does anyone else's 3 yr old try eating the cone part before he eats the ice cream on top? omg.)
He looks kinda older here doesn't he?

Balloon ride! Me and Kid R were in our own balloon and Jenn and girl-Kid-R were in their own. We let the big girls fly solo. That's the advantage to girls, they can be trusted not to leap out(!)

The goldfish [cracker] ride. Little kid rides that I don't have to get on with them, my favorites.

I have some really cute easter pics, but I'll save those for next B.T. They are excellent!...

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