Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baby Tuesday

Again, a big thanks to Jenn for taking these pics for me. She even had her own 3 kids to keep track of while we did this AND it was COLD out!

I mean seriously, that face.
If he only knew that if he made that face, he would totally get out of trouble.
Kevin makes that face at me alot. It's the you-didn't-think-this-through-face.

Kid C's hair kinda fell apart in the wind. I was trying to go for a sleek look.
yeah, no.

It's her crazy-laugh, but I like it.

I feel like this is a snapshot of him when he's older.

Bellisima, bambina.

So, you've seen this one, but hey.
The boy loves pipes.

After the park became problematic, we moved the photo shoot into the newly redesigned (ahem) lobby at WestGate. I mean, what good is working at a church if you can't just come in any time with your kids and take pics in the good lighting?

Auntie Dianne bought him that hat. I bought the jeans, shirt and tie at H&M and the shoes...well those are WalMart.

Her dress is H&M too. I love that store. Euro couture at Target prices.
Way behind them (not the motel looking building) is the in-progress new children's building, fyi.

Artful dodger.

A big thanks to Jon Talbert who made my kids do all the funny poses. I'm glad he was there, us moms weren't very motivational.

This photo represents how easily entertained she is. I love her.

sticky melty cuteness.

I don't know if Jenn took this on accident or on purpose, but I liked it.
You can still see his R2D2 tattoo that he wouldn't let me wash off(!)

Does anyone recognize that look in Kid R's eyes?
It's the "I WANT TO BITE YOU" look.

And he did. He definitely did.


SaraMarie said...

YAY! Its actually Tuesday too! I love seeing a fellow Mom triumph on her quest for a schedule! WOOHOO!

I like the "artful dodger" one and the "sticky cuteness" one. :)

ro said...

They look like they were having so much fun. What great photos to have forever. Cricket reminds me so much of Sue! Your kids are of course, just crazy cute.

Anonymous said...

I love their clothes... they both look like little models and seemed to be in a really good, photogenic mood!! They're so cute... I'd love a dress just like Cricket's!