Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby Tuesday

Well it's been an intense week since last Tuesday.
Amazingly the kids are letting me have this time to blog.
Ever since we got here, Baby R has been acting odd.
Usually in a bad way, but right now, he asked that I put him in his porta crib
and leave the door open. He's looking at his new favorite book and talking to
himself. And Kid C was eating a plate full of grapes leftover from the memorial.

Here he is, excited to finally be on an airplane, studying the exit

Kid C, also fascinated.

Triple threat in the bathtub!! The ladies were not happy about a tiny naked man crashing their bath party, but I thought he behaved himself, all things considered.

Or not.

Here are the ladies dressed up in sparkley princess/fairy dresses watching Sleeping Beauty.

The sleeping situation is a constant puzzle with these 4 kids, so the night before last I moved Emmitt the pug away from Baby R's room to my bed. But listen to him! Honestly, that's insane! I figured it was better for him to keep me awake than the baby.

Okay, Baby R asked to get out of his crib, and he has done his 3rd poop before 10am this morning. He's got diaper rash and the squirts. Oye.
I'm gonna try to walk us up to the grocery store now for blueberries to counter the bad pH...

UPDATE: I walked up to the Tom Thumb and I was the only non-octogenarian at the place. And there were no soy dogs, the produce guy looked at me like I was speaking Chinese, and there was no fair trade tea. So I just bought mini corn dogs and some random tea that said "all natural" heh. And then we walked home, and again, any one we saw was straight from the cast of Cocoon.


Anonymous said...

where or where is Baby Tuesday? I know you have lots and lots of tidbits for us...so get it on here!
missing the kids..
Aunt Sandi

ro said...

crazy times!
glad you are here!