Sunday, February 15, 2009

quick flight post

In response to Joanne's comment/question, the flight went pretty good. Sandi and bringing the carseat onboard for Baby R was critical. As were the movies on the laptop, but to a lesser degree.

What I didn't anticipate was "re-entry."

Since they didn't sleep on the plane, and it was really late when we got in, they fell asleep in the car, and then when we got home they were *refreshed* and ready to stay up for hours.

Baby R did have a crib in the other room which was pretty good except when Kid C started tripping out about not wanting to sleep, not being tired, and wanting to turn the lights on and play... at 1:30am

Yes, 5am, she finally fell asleep after I used up most of my laptop arsenal and one children's Benadryl. She woke up all psycho at like 4am and it took Aurora to come out and help me get her back to sleep.


But they are up and cheerful now...


Laura $ said...

whoa...i've always thought it, but now i know it to be ARE a saint.

sister celtic said...

Rich's post youtube is sooooo excellent and sooooo well done thankyou for doing that for all of us who have the same aching heart and love for Rich and Gwynn Love to your family with appreciation Anne & George