Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Tuesday

Right now I am sitting at my mom's house and Ransom is the only one here with me, because we had to leave early from dinner at Aurora's house, because he had a full out tantrum. Big time meltdown.

He is of course better here, toddling around and cooing at Wendy the 16 yr old deaf/blind dog, drinking his beloved juice, and asking me to show him photos of helicopters on Flickr.

I can hear him coming for me right now so I can't type very much.\

Feel free to make up your own captions until I can get online again. The computer is in the room where his crib is, and you can see how that might be a problem.

Galleria playground. Beats the Valley Fair playground easily.
Oh, and Baby B fell over. She's a trooper.

See, she's back, no sweat.


KAI said...

Wendy is still around! Wow, what a resilient dog! Send some hugs to Gwynnie for me!

Mama Bree said...

oh man I feel ya on the tantrums!! it really tests every fiber of patience in your body.

hope you're having a nice trip! :)

pkillur said...

Galleria as in Houston? Man, I guess I don't keep up enough - we were literally just in Houston last week. Although we spent most time up and A&M in College Station.

Whoops. That sucks...

ro said...

love all these. we had some good times...crazy but good :)