Monday, February 02, 2009

Baby Tuesday

This morning, Baby R was that kid, which makes me that mom.

You know, the 2 year old boy who is a complete maniac in public, that the mom has to pull a wrestling move to hold on to him and dive out the door of the library/restuarant/bank/store for common courtesy's sake.

The kid that has the snotty boogery nose and a shirt with big drool/food stains.

Yes, it's happened. And I'm a little depressed about it. I hope it only lasts until he's 3. I can deal with it for a year.

Kid C didn't really have terrible-twos. She has always been on the difficult side since she was born, so I didn't notice a distinct change in behavior when she turned 2.
Baby R is no longer the teddy bear he once was. I love him just the same, but he can turn on "wacko" now like nobody's business.

My mom and I are considering going to Disneyland while she's here in about a month. And I'm up for it, as long as I just bring Kid C. Baby R is a Disneyland powder keg. It depends on whether Rich feels up to it, and if Kevin is willing to use his gardening-vacation-days to tend his son as well.

And as of 8am this morning, I scored Baby R's birthday gift on eBay. I like the tiny n' tuff megabloks sets. This can kinda connect to the one he already has.

Camera phone pics, because I'm too lazy to charge the batteries for the real camera.
This is my viewpoint in most of Baby R's waking hours.
Couple this shot with the sound of "uppa uppa uppa!"

This is also pretty common. It's fighting and whining.

he's saying "cheese!"

Here is Kid C as mayor of Crazy Town

Lotta love fo' the Olive

I know this is a random shot, but we went to the Great Mall a couple of weeks ago, with his little friend Baby CB to go to the H&M there. We have an H&M here in Sockswithsandalsland, but it's only women's clothes. The Great Mall one has kids clothes! Baby CB got some boy skinny jeans, tre chic, and Baby R got a sweet snap shirt and Kid C got some Hello Kitty skivies.

Okay, gotta go, Baby R has stripped himself naked and is hitting the projection screen with a magnadoodle board...

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Mama Bree said...

man, I am already that mom (with a 13 mth old!) and I hate it. :( so, I totally feel ya there!

Mega Bloks rule! we got the same mega bloks set for Logan while visiting his grandparents in Texas and he loved it. he isn't quite old enough to get the coordination down for snapping the pieces together or even getting the cars to go down the ramps properly, but he still loved it just the same :)