Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby Tuesday

This weeks installment is brought to you by my reconnected-through-Facebook-friend Sky.
We realized our daughters are the same age so we set a playdate.
And whaddya know? He's also a photographer with a really nice camera.

He took a handful of dirt and popped it right in his mouth.
I couldn't believe it. I think I must be denying him some essential minerals or something.

Kid L was a "runner." She would take off and then Kid C was like "huh? where'd you go?!"

I forget what was so funny.
If you look in the background you can see Baby R trying to make peace with another little kid on the playground.

She's making a crazy face here, but I thought I'd include it anyway.

"Now that I've eaten dirt, now I'll have a stick to chase it down."
He's teething those 2 yr molars. :/

Kid L taught Kid C to log-roll. It's a valuable kid-skill.

Sky thought it was really funny that right after Baby R had eaten dirt and chewed on a stick, he demanded hand sanitizer. I don't use it alot, only when handwashing isn't an option. But he fished it out of my purse and insisted.

Drooly and muddy, that's my tiny guy.

I think I might ask Sky to take our family portraits one of these days. I like how some of these came out. And he wasn't even really trying.

In other news, it's time to register for fall preschool classes and this morning I realized that I can't have Kid C just go for 2 mornings a week when she's 4 (!!!)
I have to have her in at least 3 mornings a week at her current school which is another 140 bucks on top of the 240 they already squeeze out of us.
380 a month for 3 mornings of preschool, omg, I don't want to pay that!
But I don't want to switch schools, I like her school.

I'm at a loss.

A friend of mine homeschools her son, but I really like the system we have now. She's always trying to sell me on it, but the thought of doing it makes me sweaty and tense. At this point, I think I'd rather work a night shift at a 24 hr restaurant once a week, to be able to afford real preschool instead of doing that.

I really don't know what we're going to do. It may come down to us taking her out and putting her in another class at the rec center while she's 4. She could be in dance class, and maybe an art class as well? Or swimming? That's something, right?

Because she's gonna have to be in preschool when she's 5 too, so maybe we'll revisit an actual preschool then. Oye.


ro said...

why does she have to be in preschool when she's 5?
and, she's smart enough that you can just keep her at home and make stuff out of popsicle sticks, glue and pipe cleaners and she'll hop right to the front of the class once public elementary opens it's doors. pocket the cash and just put in a disney movie a day. see how easy that was?

Sarah Meyer said...

Preschool is overrated.... put her in a rec class or two and let her socialize. That is the most important thing I think. Don't home school... bleck!

Leigh said...

Why would she have to go 3 mornings? Is that the school's thing or yours? Just curious.
I'm with Sarah, don't home school! Eww!
Not to pour salt on your wound or anything, but that's an expensive preschool! I paid 110 a month for Mike to go tue/thur 9a-2p last year. Does the school system have a pre-school program, like a Learn and Play Day or anything? Those tend to be good programs and not to spendy.