Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Kid C's birthday is coming up next month. I debated on what sort of party to have for her, but after much prodding, I have given in to the princess party.

Yes I have.

So I already ordered her two blue princess dresses (one that she thinks she likes and one that I thought looked more like a princess. yeah I'm weird) and I ordered Baby R his "prince" outfit. He's gonna love it, I know it.

I thought I'd make it a costume party, like where all the girls dress up as princesses. And the boys, well I'll make them some crowns?

Now Im going to look into decorations and...other stuff....I'm open to ideas!


Laura Seymour said...

I fully expect that you can make this party the awesome! Oh!!! JESTER HATS!!!!!

My Mid-Afternoon Daydream said...

Huge constructed cardboard castle?? With a working drawbridge - that would be sweet. Maybe you could even dig a moat and fill it with water ;o) And you have to get unicorns in there somewhere.

GiGi said...

The video is "classic" cricket & ransom antics. Love how she tells him about the sugar content!! Love my pumpkin and "mouse"

ro said...

looking forward to pictures