Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby Tuesday on Wednesday

I really intended on putting Baby Tuesday up yesterday.

Yep, it didn't happen.

Kevin said I wasn't allowed to upload them to Flickr and cheat.

So now there's a whole lotta photos....

This is the hot tub scene at the worship team pool party. These three were the only ones who got in. Only two of them were willing participants.

I went in Kid C's room to check on her before I went to bed and found her asleep like this, with a book on her face.

Kid C wanted a bath and I decided that the dogs needed one too. I can't remember why I thought they were being naughty, but I remember not feeling bad when they made these pitiful faces, for some reason.

Soak 'em, Bug.

Thayer cousins. Little Baby E.

She is such a pleasant baby. So mellow and cheerful at the same time.

Especially compared to these two.

Who's cheerful? Who's dour?

Frenzy at the whiteboard.

Baby E and parents.

Oh I really wish they had soccer for 2 yr olds. Really really wish. He's better than I am.

Baby R looks like a towering giant compared to Baby E.

These time stamps are giving away how late I am posting these pics.

Baby E and mommy.

Exodus from the raspberry patch.

They really really wanted raspberries. Fine tooth berry comb.
No dice.


Mama Bree said...

love love LOVE the book on her head!! :)

as for soccer for 2 yr olds... I've heard of a few places that start as early as 18 mths. we haven't taken Logan yet so I can't speak to whether they're good or not. but if you end up going to any of them, let us know too! ;-) the ones I've heard of so far are:

1) Off the Wall Soccer (

2) Lil Kickers (altho I notice the closest location to us is San Ramon, kinda far) :(

3) Striker's Den (

ro said...

i'm behind on my blog checking. very fun stuff. good job putting pics up. cool bath pics. i don't care if kids mistreat pets any longer. i just want pets gone. miss you guys.

ro said...

i forgot...great book on face pic!
and, really, can we ever get enough of our kids dancing?! Sweet moves neice and neph!