Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Tuesday

I wanted to Flickr cheat, but I didn't. I hope my 3-4 readers appreciate it.

On Monday we drove down to Gizdich Ranch and it was one of the best times I've had with just me and the kids. The drive down was beautiful and they behaved int he car, and behaved when we got there. The weather was perfect and the place was better than advertised, even though berry picking season has ended (that's their big deal there, the berry picking).

I'm not sure why they call it a ranch because it sure looked like a farm to me. Or orchard? I don't know. But I told the kids we were going to visit a fruit farm, and boy did they get excited about that!
Baby R was stoked about all the farm equipment that was just hanging around and then some farm hands would come over and turn them on and use them. It was mechanical heaven for him.
He was jumping around overjoyed at this backhoe and then I told him to say cheese and got into his tin soldier stance for some reason.

Kid C had to move in on his picture. She butted in and said "cheese!"

Can you see us?!
I put the camera on the timer ontop of a fertilizing machine and ran over below the windmill and beside the scarecrow.

The entire place was free, and you could just drive up and park, walk around whereever you pleased, they had a store, a pie shop (which also sold sandwiches), an antique shop and lots of barns where they actually processed the fruit. It was super laid back, so I let the kids play in the play-area and sat myself down at a picnic table under an apple tree.

So many tractors! So much freedom!

Which machine will I touch first!?

Aforementioned fertilizing machine. Later we saw the farm hands roll it over and hook it to a tractor and haul it into the apple orchard.

Kid C ate her whole sandwich and was being generally good so I let her take possession of the mixed berry pie. I also told her that it would be kind and loving to share with Baby R even though he didn't eat much sandwich and chased the farm dog around when he should have been eating. I thought it was cute watching them share.

These photos were taken at a birthday party they went to on Saturday afternoon...

My friend hired this company/couple to come and do their animal routine at the party. I hadn't ever really seen a kids' show at a party before so I was wondering how it would go. But they did such a good job! You can't really see Kid C, but both Baby R and her are helping hold up a python.

Baby R was the one kid that refused to sit down. I would get him to sit, then he'd pop back up, then sit, then pop, sit, pop...
He was really excited.

Kid and her front row seat. She was the first one on the mat when he laid it down, way before any of the kids were even aware that he was setting up.

I think he's got the guinea pig here.

Saturday morning, before the party, a bunch of Kevin's family went over to help his grandparents fix some stuff around the house.

Baby R played with these work gloves for a while until Gramps busted him. :)

He's clapping with them here and thinking himself very hilarious.

Again, thank heavens for Katheryn and Lisie, Kid C's idols.
She's extra good around them and she likes "chat" with them.


Samantha P.M. said...

OMG! That video is...AHMAZING. Please store that in a special place where you can have it ready for wedding/important occasion embarrassment!

ro said...

That video is really good. I like Cricket's "just one more" and "that's too much sugar." LOL. I laughed at Ransom saying/and doing his mouth open real big thing. It is amazing that I just saw them in July and they just look older already! That farm place looked deserted. ha. But, it seems like a fantastic trip of peace and joy :)