Wednesday, August 26, 2009

some say it's relaxing to make lists

I just wrote down my list of to-do's before Sept 10th:

-Redesign and make brochure, etc for our Community Life ministry. (it's too long to explain what it is)
-make 3D images by Friday for this weekend's member meeting
-make an AIDS Walk poster for the lobby
-various MOPS printed materials, like birthday cards, name tags, table cards, etc
-print of photos of people praying around the world and frame for prayer room
- re-re-design (yes re re) our school ministry stuff, and make brochure
-finsih and giveout Cricket's inivitations for her princess party
- re-re-design the giant banners for outside the church building

and now I have to get off the computer because Ransom just took his diaper off and peed on the floor...


pkillur said...

Way to go little buddy! :)

Ah the joys of I-am-almost-potty-training... Just wait until you get the critical moment (maybe you did with Little-C, but probably not because she's a girl), the special time when you go: Is that from the dog or the kid? At which point the dog comes up and begins to eat it. Thus clarifying - it's from the kid...

ro said...

ransom is handsom