Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baby Tuesday on Saturday

Yes, this might be the latest Baby Tues I have ever done. If you could see live footage of what's going on around me right now, you would understand completely.
It's so insane in this house.

Anyway- here's just a morsel until next week...

These are from the TX trip

Here's Mrs. Claus, looking an awful lot like every elementary school teacher I ever had. Mrs. Rankin? Is that you?! ;)
Btw, speaking of that I named off every elementary school teacher K-6 to my friend Fran the other day, and I was proud of myself, so I shall do it again, but this time with an interesting fact about each:

K, Mrs. Rankin -never seemed to really like us, and made us spell Dinosaur, which I thought was torture
1, Mrs. Shirley, -looked exactly like Vincent Price, and I watched enough TV by that time that I knew exactly who he was and thought that.
2, Mrs. Bennett, -very very thin, and kinda old. Definitely a smoker.
3, Mrs. Sparkman, I've talked about her before, she was the strangest of all, ashes on her forehead on Ash Wednesday
4, Mrs. Lolindger, very young, huge boobs, her husband looked like like he liked the Grateful Dead and "herbs."
5, Mrs. Miller, was single, and had a big crush on Kevin Costner
6, Mrs. Ingalls, her husband was a cartoonist and made all her classroom posters.

Outside the "Teddy Bear Hospital"

"Reindeer House"

Here she is with Santa. Shmoopie.

The cousins are watching baby Brooke sit on Santa's lap. That didn't go over too well.

Aurora makes fun of me that I turn my flash off alot, but look at all the pretty lights!


I tried to take her picture in front of this fountain but she was too consumed with Santa's house, so we moved on.


czstout said...

I'm so glad you mentioned going to this a few posts back! I actually forgot about it, and we decided to go Thursday! It was a blast :) I'm posting pics of Joey on my blog in a bit!

Leigh said...

Mrs. Shirley @ Arapaho?
I had a Mrs. Shirley for 1st grade at that school! I loved her.

Charlie said...

YES! Wow! You had her too?! DId she look like Vincent Price when you had her?

ro said...

nice teacher run down. I didn't know that we both had mrs. shirley and mrs. bennett. Maybe i did know and forgot. But, i liked both of them. vincent
I think I saw mrs. shirley walking out of a house on cottonwood ... north of arapaho that is. She is OLD.