Thursday, December 03, 2009

Baby Tuesday on Thursday

Why is all my text underlined? I have no idea.

Anyway- we cut our tree down from Crest Ranch on Saturday. They were slightly more grumpy than I would have preferred, but next year I'll remember to do the hot chocolate *before* the tree cutting, as to help them be in a perky mood.

Grump grump grump grump.

Finally she cheered up. She liked guarding the tree once we found one that we all agreed on.
She said "just like we had to guard our fridgerator!" [at the Sears outlet.] haha

Grump grump grump grump grump.

I had to bribe her with candy to wear that coat. I bought it from a garage sale, it's a vintage all wool coat from England. She hates it. If it had Cinderella on it, she'd wear it. But it has no commercial affiliations so she doesn't like it.
(I had to tell her some princess tennis shoes were tacky the other day at the store. And I might have said, "they make ugly shoes and then put princesses on them so people will buy them, don't fall for it." Maybe I said too much? Baby R had just dropped my iPhone on the ground, I was pushed to the limit.

Baby R and the tree carrying cart. We didn't really need it since we buy squat trees but hey.

Hoods on, both looking forward. Thank goodness, we got the pic.

Grump grump grump grump grump grump.

Love this shot! The joy was sporadic.

We bought an "Arizona Cypress" this year, which is a kind of seafoam green color. It's pretty cool, but I had to buy a different color scheme of ornaments to go on it.
Target trip!
I told Kid C she could pick out one ornament (in the correct color scheme of course!) and instead she found a 6 pack of princess ornaments. Her little face was so cute and innocent asking for them, that I didn't want to say "no, those are tacky!" Right below were these tiny tinsel trees, so I said "how about you can have your own tree and you can put them on there" She was SO happy with that. Best 9.99 I've spent in a long time. She decorated the whole thing herself, proudly and quietly, while I put other decorations out around the house.

This is Kid C in her preschool class doing show and tell today.
I felt like total loser mom today because I forgot until 5 min before class that it was my day to help out and bring snack. THANK HEAVENS FOR SUE! She was able to take Kid C to class and cover for the first 30 min while i took Baby R to KidsPark and bought some crackers and juice and ran back by the house to get her show-and-tell object. I grabbed the tree, and that made Kid C forgive me I think. She got to tell the class all about it. So cute.

(here she is decorating)

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ro said...

i didn't see this post until after you left. C is too funny. She makes me laugh. Bring her back lots. nice move on giving her the tiny tree. you are a pro.