Thursday, December 10, 2009


Currently I have 106 work emails.
Most of those emails have "action items" in them.

I only have 4 hours to work tomorrow.

Tonight alone I have to create a video, make cookies, make more food for tomorrow's meeting.
And then tomorrow I have to do a ton of work and prepare for a baby shower at my house.

The groceries [non-refrigerated ones] are still in bags on the kitchen floor. I have used up almost all of my clean underwear, the laundry is off-the-hook, and so are the dishes.

I don't even want to think about the stuff I need to sew and get mailed off.

And did I mention the 106 emails?!

:O !

I think I smell smoke coming from my brain.


Pkillur said...

Yay for the Christmas season and working at church!!! :)

Maybe sit down with the supreme leader (MA - he is your boss right?) and give him the list o' crap and tell him to prioritize it. I have to do that all the time because I have three bosses (Yes, three Bob, not eight). I give my list to the direct report and write conflicting interests - you fix on the top. If you're anything like our graphics person out here everyone has a "must be done" project every time. Sometimes you might have to tell your boss to tell people 'no', even though it means your friend gets mad at you for 'leaving them in the lurch' (Absolutely NO personal experiences from house pkillur here...)

Just a thought - but Happy Christmas never-the-less.

ro said...

do what i do...hire people or bribe people to come over and do your work for you....

don't cook anything...just buy it all pre-made. It may taste worse and cost more, but it saves sanity...

take care of yourself...