Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baby Tuesday on Thursday

2 hours before 2010, no less!

Santa brought her this Hello Kitty robe for Christmas. She thought it was great, but she didn't really want to wear it (to my disappointment).
After her last bath, I convinced her to put it on and then I also pleaded with her to let me put the towel on her head. She was so cute, I would have let her go to the grocery store like that.

Baby R also got a robe from Santa, but no bribe is big enough for him to wear it. It has little Jolly Rogers on it too, but he won't give in.

Check out this guy right here.
Baby S is watching him chug his chocolate milk like he's at a toddler frat party.
(He's shirtless after going through 2 shirts already, and getting both wet at our New Years Party tonight.)

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