Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby Tuesday on Thursday

I left my purse at a restaurant last night-- fear not, they have it and I'm gonna pick it up tomorrow.

However, the camera was in it. So I can only use my iPhone and Aurora's pics for Baby Tuesday. Sorry 'bout that.

We all headed over to Santa's Village on Sunday night to check it out, and of course, see Santa. After visiting Christmas in the Park for 3 years in a row, I can confidently say that Santa's Village was WAY better. Because you can actually go inside the little houses in SV, and CITP, you have to stand behind a gate and look at the houses. Plus, CITP is more commercial feeling.

(GiGi without a hat, had to wear a scarf on her head!)

Anyway, it was really fun, even though it was cold and wet out. My mom scored a place in line for us to wait for Santa.
Side note: I had more or less decided that I wouldn't take the kids to see "Santa" because I remember that I was freaked out by him when I was a kid and it seemed like a weird concept. I wasn't really against the idea, I just never thought that I would take the time to try it with C and R.
I interviewed Kid C before the big guy arrived:

She really had no idea what she was going to ask for but she was psyched up for the experience nonetheless.
We let the babies with us go first, then Kid S told Santa exactly what she wanted, which was hilarious.
Then Kid C got up there, with the demeanor of someone who was in the presence of a celebrity, just awestruck and mute. She froze up like Ralphie from Christmas Story and didn't come up with something to tell him.

She was happy though.
She was wearing Kid S's clothes from head to toe, that also made her happy.

And Santa had a Texas accent. That might have been my favorite part of all.

(this was the Reindeer barn)

I took a bunch more photos, but I'll have to post them next week. She met Mrs. Claus, some real firemen, and her and Kid S's highlight-- the Snow Princess. I mean, wow, they almost bowed in reverence. I can't wait to show you those photos.

We were there for Kid S's big birthday celebration. And from then on, the girls didn't want to be out of each other's sight. Even if they were fighting like Desperate Housewives, they still needed to be together.

NorthPark Mall looking at the ducks and turtles.

More Mall.

This is right when Kid C arrived and surprised Kid S at her party!
Kid C still has major static-head from the plane.

Aurora took this one, and this is such a perfect shot.
Smarmy. There's my Mini Me, right there.

And I wasn't with the little Mr. Baby R for most of the last week, but yesterday we hunted down some snow on the "east hills." Success! It sucked that the real snowy hills were guarded by barbed wire. I considered tossing them over, but then thought better of it. I did put the blanket over the barbs just in case they ran into the fence.

It looks meager on this side of the fence, but it was enough that they could play with it.


Look at him. omg, he's cute.

(wheels are turning)

The classic I'm-taking-my-own-pic pic.
There, I was there, and I reached the snow.
Take that, CHP!

When there's no nap, and no gloves, the snow trip soon turns grumpy.

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great to have you guys for a visit. we miss you ladies. our weekend was indeed super fun.