Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baby Tuesday on Thursday

Baby R just barfed.

Barfed all over our bed, 4 layers of our bedding, himself and worst of all his blankie.

It pretty much happens that everytime he's sick and barfs, he barfs on his blankie which means that it has to go in the washing machine and that he can't have it for about 2 hours. And then that means it's nearly impossible for him to rest/sleep for those 2 hours.

Right now I have Bob the Builder on the portable DVD player (thank you again, Sam) in his room-- oh I just heard him come out of his room. I think he's come back in our room so that he can barf on our second set of bedding...

...okay after about 10 min of him sitting on my lap on the floor over some towels crying about how much his stomach hurts he went back in his room and is now pitifully saying "mommy" and crying.

Last night at our small group we talked about being joyous in bad times and someone shared a story about this guy they knew in Rwanda who spent 3 hours at a "dentist" which he used a chisel to get his abscessed tooth out of his mouth. And how he came to church that evening praising God because they got the tooth out and that his gums can heal now that it's "fixed" and not complaining at all, he was joyous.

Clearly I suck at doing that kind of thing, joyous in bad. I am glad that Baby R doesn't have a chronic disease, but I'm not happy that he won't be able to go to school tomorrow and I won't be able to go to MOPS.

I'm gonna go try to lay in bed with him (while he cries" I want my blankie!!")...

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