Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Baby Tuesday on Wednesday

The kids are wild injun's right now so again, I'll have to keep my photo quips brief. Baby R is surely flooding the hall bathroom with water from the sink. I can hear running it and him talking to himself. He's also naked from the waist down and everytime Kid C yells "MOM!" he yells back at her "DOM!"

My friend Shari generously gave Baby R her son's Lightning McQueen costume and he loves it, of course. He in particular likes to wear it while watching the movie Cars and also while the song Life is a Highway is playing (see video below).

But the funniest thing about the costume is when he falls over and can't get back up like a turtle.

Kick kick kick, flail flail!

I finally got them dancing on video!

I tried so hard to get a pic of both of them fresh from the bath wearing their new bathrobes. A certain person wouldn't pose.

But a few hardboiled eggs got them to slow down.

Kid C is showing that her yolk is shaped like a heart.

Nothing is more exciting than hardboiled eggs, the feeling is just electric.

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