Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby Tuesday

Alright, getting a jump on this week's BT.

Baby R is in the living room watching Diego, and Kevin and Kid C are still asleep in bed.
I'm coming down with a cold, but Baby R has made a full recovery, thank goodness.
And best of all, I didn't have to take him to a doctor and mess with all that weekend/holiday, on call stuff.

Normally, I try not to take both kids to the store. And my instinct is to say "no" to these types of carts, but I did it anyway.
He lasted about 2 aisles before he leaped out and started touching everything. Kid C was happy to watch Oswald on my iPhone the whole time in the "car."
Btw, I love Oswald. Not like how I love Charlie and Lola. Because I would watch Charlie and Lola even if I didn't have kids. But Oswald is super mellow but not teletubbie mellow. It's like reading a bedtime story. No rambunctious songs, no whining, no yelling, any conflict is calm and collected. I highly recommend downloading the whole season like I did on iTunes. It's worth it.

The kids got their first real haircuts the other day. I didn't go to a kid cut place because I thought Kid C would have more fun thinking she was doing something "grown-up." This place is near our house, and I could tell that the lady wasn't too pleased about me showing up unannounced on a Saturday with two kid haircut requests. I'm pretty sure she charged me the adult cut price for both of them, so I guess she got back at me that way.
Anyway, Baby R was so adorable I couldn't stand it.

Baby R took this pic with my phone. He also took pics of my knee, his shoe and the magazines, but I left those out.

We originally bought a pack of Valentines tattoos to send to Cousin S, but then Kid C wanted a pack too, so we got double.
The funniest thing is that they wanted ALL of them at once, and ALL of them on their arms. The kids got tattoo sleeves before I did! ;)

This was right before bathtime, that's why his diaper is half off.

This is video of him and his salon visit.

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ro said...

Yeah, the two kids to the store stresses me out too. But, hey they look cute in that tiny car while you had them :)

R looks real tough in the half diaper pose. Yes, thanks for the tats. Your boy rocks them out so well.

I just gave scout a haircut myself last week. I cut off a lot too. We have yet to experience the real salon. Looks like a fun experience.