Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Baby Tuesday

What does it say about me that the only subject discussed on my blog for the last week are babies?
I will try and amend my ways...but for now, bring on the babies!

It's slim pickin's this week.

I had planned on driving them to the beach this morning and taking some photos there. But instead of stopping briefly at the park so I could feed Baby R and Baby C tired herself into a nap for the drive over, we camped out at the park.
They turned the "water features" on. Ba-bum!

I met a single serving friend with two little boys. It feels like I'm in a mommy-friend dating scene. I got her phone number, but she's likely going to move out of the area soon. C'est moi vie. (no I don't speak French)

This is pitiful photgraphy, I know. But nice sweatshirt right?

My downward view most of the day.

Captain of the S.S. Sassy.

You da' man!

He was smiling before I turned on the camera. Oh well, here he is anyway, his floppy self.
(And yes, he is "tan." We're tracing it back to his great grandma, because his father and I are pasty white bread.)


Anonymous said...

Baby C's smile can 'turn the world on'...
Aunti Sandi

ro said...

I'm loving the Captain and her smiles. Your little boy looks tan :) He keeps getting cuter.
and, haha to your dating service dialogue.