Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I will not lose my mind. I will not lose my mind. I will not...

As any other haus-frau can tell you, it is difficult to hold on to your brain staying home with babies 24 hours a day. With just one baby, I could manage discussing current events or philosophy or popular science topics.
But the second one has made it difficult to think beyond diapers, naps, laundry and dishes.

For instance, I've had the design assignment for about a month now, that I've been unable to complete. (I want desperately to contribute to the world, other than childrearing for the next 5 years!) I marked today during Baby C's naptime, the time to get 'er done.
Baby C was asleep and then Baby R fell asleep.
I sit down at the laptop (on the floor) and seconds later, Baby R wakes up (darn the B.I.B.S.!)
I bring him here and try to keep a pacifier in his mouth while I type with one hand.
Then 10 min later, Baby C wakes up (early).

If it wasn't for Grandma T relieving me for a couple of hours later in the afternoon, nothing would get done at all.

And sadly, I think laundry is going to get done instead of the design (because someone wears his pants once and calls them dirty. Ahem!)

(yes this post was typed with one hand and two crying babies)


ro said...

i was worried about this very losing it. And, here we are and you are tinking with losing it. thank goodness sue is taking some of the burden off of you. however, those munchkins are lucky to have you taking care of them, and i know you are doing a great job. I mean, in just a year it will be so much easier! ha!

Charlie said...

I know, just one more year.
Actually, I think I'll be fine when I can sleep a full night's sleep.
I think I have another month until that happens.

Anonymous said...

You post more with two babies and laundry than I do with no babies. You are doing fine and when you do post it is always interesting! Hang in there! Kam

Charlie said...

Aunti Sandi has joined the baby-rescue team and took Baby C out to lunch today.
I told myself I'd get some work done, but instead I took a bath while Baby R napped.