Monday, April 30, 2007

Baby Tuesday

(not to be a downer, but Baby C is currently sick. Just a fever right now, but it's sad to see her mopey and unhappy.)

This week's edition is heavy on Baby C, mostly because she actually plays and walks and does things. Baby R is still pretty lump-ish.
And a big lump at that! I've documented his girth-- for it is great. Just in this past week he's plumped up like a tomato.

He's in his "traveling pants" a.k.a. disposable diaper.

Thank you Albertsons for having something worthwhile for once.
I give you the frog pool. (We tried hooking up the hose to the "sprinkler" in the frogs lower lip, but she ran off when it sprayed.)

I think I'm getting the raised eyebrow from both of them.

Hey who's that big lady in my sunlight? Get outta here!

I stumbled upon this great park by accident in our neighborhood. It has a little western town with a train and a post office and a lookout tower, etc.

While Baby C had this outfit on, a family of five walked by and the father said "see that little boy is wearing his hat!"
Hmm, oh well, I guess she was wearing a boys shirt and hat.


Laura said...

her glasses are so friggin funny...get well soon baby c!

baby r...omg! he's ginormous! i can't believe you hold him most of the day! you must be getting some bitchin' muscles.

ro said...

1) That boy is HUGE. Wow! Girth!
2) The video of my bug with that get up and glasses was too funny.
3) Nice wagon usage.
4) Love that frog pool!

...that's all

KAI said...

i love the froggie pool! baby c is as beautiful as ever, and baby r is a handsome big boy! is that really a breastfed baby?! lol. by the way, i saw the pic of you - you look great! way to go mommy!