Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Baby Tuesday

(Kevin is watching the kids while I do this)

Baby R turned 2 on Sunday!! Woo hoo!

Here he is, just warming up to the idea.
After all, he didn't really know what he was in for.
A big thanks to Aurora who went out and bought all the party decorations and balloons.
And thanks to those who brought food too, all I had to bring was the cake and the boy.

Here he is opening his presents, with alot of help from his sister and cousin.
They simply could not sit back and watch. They had to get in the gift-action.

Since Kid C was planning on going to a fancy dress up birthday party
before we knew we were flying out here, I promised her she would
have her fancy dress party in TX with her cousin.
And I delivered, we melded it with Baby R's birthday. And I bought
the girls feather boas, and brought her princess dress to wear.

Piñata! He was excited, and he didn't even know how it worked.

Yes, very excited indeed.

Right before the downpour....

Here is the happy result.

Daddy made it out for the birthday party. Hooray!

Caught on film, a rare occurance in the wild:
one of my children snuggling.
You may not see this again for many years.

Kid S is a nurturer. She wanted to make sure that Baby R
was as comfortable as possible before she could lay down
and watch Alice and Wonderland at GiGi's.

Alice and Wonderland, a big hit with the preschool set.

Here are the cousins at their ballet class.
The little girl on the left was so cute that I let her stay in the shot.
After all, she did the best "cheese." :)
Aurora arranged for Kid C to "audit" her cousins' ballet class, since
she's missing two of her own classes at the Sockswithsandalsland rec center.

Baby B, cute as ever. And very patient.

Here they all are, right before class started.

This is a suveillance shot of Baby R.
I smelled something funny when I went in to check if he needed a blanket, before I went to bed. So turned on the lights...
What he needed, I guess, was a diaper change.
But he went ahead and took care of that himself, apparently.
Without a peep, no less.


devon industry said...

hmmm, what's that on baby r's leg? about when is it they start removing their own pants??

looked like a fantastically fun party :o)

Charlie said...

Yeah, that would be poop on his leg. It was also on his blankets.

I had to get him up and wipe him down and put a new diaper on, and re-dress his bed. He was all confused.

Joanne said...

Happy Birthday Baby R! We miss you out here, hope you guys have a safe journey back.

ro said...

omg..the last picture! too funny! I'm sad you are gone because you make me laugh :)