Monday, May 18, 2009


Have you seen the Office episode in which "Kevin" talks about how hard he works on making his chili and then you watch him accidentally drop it all over the floor and he scrambles to shovel it up with file holders?

I just had that happen to me! But with these!

ALL OVER THE FLOOR! While they were wet, they slid off the pan while I was trying to put them in the fridge! And did I scoop them back up, even though they hit the ground hard with a big SPLAT? Yes I did. Now they are no longer separate balls, they are like a monkey-bread all smashed together.

We were going to give them to someone, but now they are no longer fit for others. I won't be beat by you, Gravity. I will chill them and eat them. Mostly because I couldn't bear to throw it all in the trash. They were not easy to make (despite what the recipe would lead you to believe)


Kristianna said...

I totally dropped a lasagna once. SUCKED! ANd I did scoop it back into the dish and put a lot of cheese on top, then bake it longer, haha!

Sarah Meyer said...

That episode with Kevin and the chili is really funny... not so funny that you dropped your ice cream balls though... i say eat them!

Mom said...

It happens to the best of us. You can file this episode in the "Now You Know" column, which is one column I'm tired of adding entries to! Heck, you know you wanted to eat the batch anyway :)

ro said...

but sorry