Monday, May 25, 2009

what is Raices music, anyway?

With Memorial Day, so comes Summer and we have real vacations planned this year.
One of which, as mentioned before is to Mexico and I wanted to download some quality latin music.
This is what I bought:

Baila Me by Gipsy Kings
La Nina de Puerta Obscura by Paco de Lucia & Ricardo Modrego
Papeles Mojados by Chambao
Ahi Estas Tu by Chambao
Noche Flamenca by Roger Scannura and Ritmo Flamenco
Tango Flamenco Armik
Pa Ti! by Flamenco sin Fronteras
Tormento Contigo by Chonci Heredia
Aire by Jose Merce

I liked most of the Gipsy Kings music, but I wanted to mix it up.

p.s. I found out what Raices music is too.

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