Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Baby Tuesday

The crib has been disassembled and taken out of Baby R's room!
And in it's place, he has a new "KURA" bed.
We found that if you turn the ladder side towards the wall, the top bunk is unreachable-- handy!
I think he'll be fine in there in another 6 months or a year. As you can see, it's pretty short.

Kevin hadn't put the support slats on the top bunk yet, here. Three cheers for Kevin putting it together! I tried but I can't handle more than 10 steps, I get overwhelmed.

Kid C was bonkers about the bed. She was certain that we would change our minds and let her sleep on the top bunk.
She wanted to share the bottom bunk with Baby R last night and he didn't mind so we let that go on for about 45 minutes, and then of course, we had to separate them because Kid C is a major busybody and Baby R just wants to be left alone.
It's very Edith & Archie Bunker, their relationship.

That's pizza sauce on his cheek. You can't quite see the big mark on his head where he fell yesterday morning. But the new bed made him forget about all that.

This is the crib mattress that I let them use as a trampoline while Kevin built the bed in the other room.
Honestly, I could have just let him sleep on that for a few months.
But it looked really refugee camp to me, so we put the bed in there, for my conscience.

He kept "cheese"ing so I kept taking pics.

That big roll is the mattress that I bought. It's thinner than the crib mattress actually, but hey, he doesn't weigh very much.

I don't' remember what they were looking at on the laptop...

...but we're short on pics this week...

...so all three shots made the cut. ;)

And now a giant cache of videos that I was too lazy to post last week:

Mom, the slip n' slide was a hit! Well, with Kid C it was anway. Baby R was a little intimidated. He did a few slides and promptly decided it was unsafe, ha.

Baby R in the eBay jumphouse. He's wearing the brown paisley shirt.

Take two of R in the jumphouse.

Live action of the face painting.

Cupcake flick.

I took this one last night, it's kinda dark, and they had mostly settled down by then but I tried to catpure the moment anyhow.

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ro said...

slip n slide is always the right answer.
I'm excited for you and the little bunk. That is the one I wanted for Scout! Enjoy :) Good move on "ladder in."