Thursday, May 28, 2009

wow, really late Baby Tuesday!

Can you tell that I have overbooked myself and totally spaced on Baby Tue?

If Sue and Sam hadn't told me, I would have never remembered!

We're at our weekly park date here. Kid C dressed all coolio like a fly girl. I wore a hat so she wanted to wear one. Hers was discarded shortly after she made her debut on the tan bark.

Baby R and his couterpart from down the street Baby I. Baby I is one year younger, but they really look alot alike. So of course, I think Baby I is one of the cutest babies I know! ;)

Super fly!

She was stoked that she could hang on her own, she demanded a photo. It came out pretty cute.

Here she is ready to practice her moves before the big show on Saturday.
Ballet rehearsal was on Tuesday, and I think that threw off my mojo. We didn't go to the beach, and I didn't blog.

Taffeta! Sequins! Tightly pinned hairbuns! It must be rehearsal day.
Kid C's class had pretty cute costumes, but *one* other class's trumped hers.
They had furry bear ears.
She really liked the make-p but after 1 1/2 hrs, she had rubbed most of it off. Just in time for the portraits to be taken. She made cuckoo faces in them, so I guess we won't be getting those.

Here is her "spelling crown" from I couldnt find her "learning" book yesterday, so I told her we could do it on the computer. She played "Princess Presto's Spelling Game" and she spelled 5 words right (not as hard as it sounds) so they create a little crown that prints out. She was really excited about it.
There were some other super annoying "games" on the pbskids site that didn't teach anything, so beware. I would have fallen asleep if I didn't have to work the mouse and keyboard for her.


Samantha P.M. said...

LOVE the hanging photo...can I have a copy for birthday/graduation??

Sarah Meyer said...

ah yes the pbs kids crown... we have got about five of those around the house. i hear that is a good site for actual learning :)

Mom said...

You always come up with such good activities. Love all the pics!

ro said...

better late than never